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transition from true north valve solutions to Alexander Valve & Supply

2018 to 2022 – Modifications, Valve & Actuation Sales, Life-Cycle Management, Mechanical Services, Manufacturing

Discussions escalate with AFN and ABC from manufacturing an Indigenous made ball valve, to AFN and ABC purchasing True North Valve Solutions and becoming the first ever First Nation owned Valve & Supply Company. A dream has come true, and a vision of changing the lives of Indigenous Peoples has come to fruition for Ken Braget, the founder of True North Modifications and Valve Solutions. His passion from the beginning was to help First Nation Communities prosper and to bring meaningful employment to these communities.
Alexander Valve & Supply has the same dedicated client focus as before, and at the same time will continue to try and change the landscape of the Oil & Gas Industry with more indigenous inclusion through conversation and action.

Alexander Valve & Supply

2023-24 – Modifications, Valve & Actuation Distribution, Life-Cycle Management, Mechanical Services, Manufacturing

Alexander Valve & Supply was chosen by PK Valve, Valvitalia and Zwick Valves to be their Tier 1 Distributor. We have also added The Falcon Trunnion Ball Valve to our valve arsenal. We are continually growing and while doing so we remain client focused as well as remain committed to bringing meaningful employment and professional development and prosperity to the Alexander First Nation and all First Nation Communities across Canada.

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