Indigenous Engagement

Alexander Valve & Supply is wholly owned by the Alexander First Nation and this makes our Indigenous Engagement unique.

we acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 Territory and respect all traditions and ways of life of the First Nation Peoples of this land.

Our commitment goes further than just acknowledging the land and the people, our commitment INCLUDES bringING prosperity and meaningful employment to the Alexander First Nation COMMUNITY and other first nation communities ACROSS CANADA.


Alexander Valve & Supply opened a Manufacturing Facility on Alexander First Nation Land by retrofitting the unused hockey rink. This is the first of its kind in Canada and we are extremely proud of this endeavor. Currently there are three Alexander Nation Members employed at this facility with a target of employing 7 to 10 more members when manufacturing is fully operational. The employees at this facility are consistently being trained for various skilled jobs, while doing so within their own community close to home, alongside their brothers and sisters.


Our time spent in the community revolves around participating in various events such as Treaty Days, Annual Powwows and the Every Child Matters Walk for Healing. It is important to us that we attend these events not as fellow employees, but more so as community members, partners and friends. It is important to get involved with First Nation Communities and to listen. For far too long many communities until recently were alienated from the rest of society.


Our employees are encouraged to participate in activities in which Indigenous History is discussed. The Alexander First Nation Community offers a Treaty 101 Course in which some of our employees have attended. The course speaks about the history of Indigenous Peoples dating back to 1876 and the hardships all First Nation Communities endured decades ago.


A recent and notable addition to our involvement with the community are the School Field Trips to the Alexander Valve & Supply Edmonton facility. We recognized that without exposure to the possibilities, the youth may not become curious, understand or take advantage of these possibilities that are being created within Alexander Valve & Supply and their own community. We also recognize the lack of meaningful opportunities for social development and work skills which we want to change through the field trips along with interactions with our current employees, some of whom are from Alexander First Nation.


As a First Nation owned company, we know and see firsthand the struggles of our First Nation Peoples. As time moves on it is beginning to heal some wounds, and changes are being made to bring prosperity to all First Nation Peoples and their communities, but so much more needs to be done and we have only started what will be a very long process to bring True Reconciliation to the original people of this land.

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